Yahoo! Search

Yahoo! Search is a web search engine owned by Yahoo, headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. As of February 2015 it is the third largest search engine in the US by the query volume at 12.8%, after its competitors Google at 64.5% and Bing at 19.8%. Originally, “Yahoo Search” referred to a Yahoo-provided interface that sent queries to a searchable index of pages supplemented with its directory of websites. The results were presented to the user under the Yahoo! brand. Originally, none of the actual web crawling and data housing was done by Yahoo! itself.

Yahoo! Search is a search engine owned by Yahoo! Inc. and is the second largest search directory on the web.

Yahoo Pro’s:

  • Yahoo has done well to integrate search results with its rich network of content.
  • The new interface is useful for customisation, for instance connecting to other sites such as Gmail without leaving yahoo.
  • Some say that Yahoo’s arguably has the best capabilities for appropriate and targeted display advertising.
  • Yahoo has personals advertisements and jobsites on the main page or accessible from the main page.

Yahoo Con’s

  • The downside of customization part is that not all sites will be integrated with the new interface and harmonisation takes time.
  • Additional customisation is sleek, but Yahoo performance has seemingly taken a hit as compared to other search engines.
  • Yahoo does not have a book search or desktop search feature.
  • Yahoo does not incorporate user generated videos like Google Video.

 Some Common Yahoo Search Support Issues:-

  • Unable to remove search result from yahoo search.
  • Offensive ads on Yahoo.
  • Unable to sign up in Yahoo account.
  • Error while making Yahoo as a homepage.
  • Unable to fix video and interactive feature problem.
  • Unable to sign in and sign out of Yahoo.
  • Images don’t load on Yahoo.
  • Unable to view Yahoo search history.
  • Unable to delete Yahoo search history.
  • Problem with non Yahoo website.
  • Problem with Ads in Yahoo Search results.
  • Unable to make Yahoo search your default search.
  • Unable to set a default browser.
  • Unable to submit website to Yahoo Search.
  • Unable to remove website from the search index.
  • Problem with Slurp Crawling my page.
  • Webpage title or description incorrect.


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