PoSWallet Support

PoSWallet provides users with an exchange platform, which is of great value. Users who were part of the PoSWallet ICO have received POSW tokens in exchange for their investment.

These tokens can be directly traded against bitcoin and other different Cryptocurrencies on the built-in exchange platform. It is very nifty feature that will be well received by most users. There is no need to rely on external exchanges to trade their token, which is a very nice addition.

Some of Common Problems/Issues with PoSWallet:

  • What is PoSWallet Customer Helpline number?
  • How to contact official PoSWallet Customer Support Services
  • Identity verification problem
  • Digital currency withdrawal delayed
  • Two Factor Authentication problem
  • Puzzle captcha doesn’t work
  • How to contact official PoSWallet Customer Support Services
  • What are PoSWallet fees for cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals?
  • Can you cancel my transaction?
  • Can I transfer funds from my PoSWallet account to another PoSWallet account?
  • PoSWallet Log-in problems
  • Problems with a Bitcoin transaction
  • My account is hacked 


  • They also offer other BTC markets, and have a low trading fee of 0.2%.
  • The exchange is working pretty smooth; it’s definitely worth checking it out.
  • Exchange Staking Pool
  • Multi Wallets
  • Friendly UI
  • Best Support


  • Online exchange is not anymore for poswallet2.0
  • Exchange not online anymore no poswallet2.0

In 2018, the company intends to achieve 12 things. These include:

  • Coin swap (TPoS)
  • Implementation of Masternodes
  • HD wallet that allows users to back up their wallet with 12-word seed
  • Full implementation of light wallet
  • Enabling TPoS staking from Ledger Nano S
  • Develop a mobile wallet
  • Core team PR, which includes video meet-ups and interviews, hackathons, and conference attendances
  • Lighting network upgrades
  • Working with top exchanges
  • Activating CCPoS (Cross Chain Proof of Stake)
  • Launch third-party that grades TPoS merchants, similar to Yelp or Amazon
  • Add enhanced privacy features, including integration of bulletproof into the PoSW protocol

PoSWallet doesn’t have a phone number. Like a growing number of companies with free web-based services, you have to search forums and support sites for help. But you can get an instant customer support by calling us customer service phone number USA +   UK + 44-HereToHelpX Toll Free.


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