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Pokemon Go is game of today’s generation. VR Games are Virtual Games trending these games. It’s not about to forget the real world instead of living and enjoying the virtual world. Do you think to celebrate your holiday season with Pokemon Go? Most of us think the same. New features are nice, but to any hard-core Pokemon fan, you know you gotta catch them all! With an additional 156 new Pokemon it’ll take an even longer time to train and evolve every single one of them, train them, and then battle with other players around the world, or at least your neighborhood.

What if game suddenly stops working? From whom you’ll concern! Users are optional with a friends help or official Pokemon Go tech support Services. But, here users can also get assistance from 3rd party Pokémon tech support to solve issues interrupting your game.

  • I can’t login
  • The game loads but all I see is a close up of my character but nothing else
  • Not been able to play for a week, unable to connect to the server
  • The game keeps freezing on my mobile device, what should I do?
  • Pokemon Go is not available for my mobile device. Why?
  • Game loads but GPS is not working
  • Let me know how to play
  • In-app purchase fails every time, what to do?

Safety Tips

A good number of concerns arise with Pokémon GO. Teach your kids some quick tips to help keep them safe while playing.

  • Always go with an adult or let an adult know where you’re going.
  • Play with friends or bring a buddy.
  • Avoid playing at night.
  • Don’t explore or wander onto unfamiliar or private property.
  • Don’t play while in the car.
  • Avoid playing near the road.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings.
  • Avoid situations or people that make you feel uncomfortable or unsafe.
  • Tell a trusted adult if something happens.
  • Remember to limit screen time and hold firm to limits.


  • There are mental and physical health benefits from playing the game.
  • The game is bringing people together and creating a sense of community.
  • The game is a boon to local businesses.
  • It’s fun, so it provides positive reward in and of itself.
  • The game is structured with clearly defined goals and step-wise levels.
  • It’s an easy conversation-starter and can help ease social anxiety.
  • It is centered around a theme and cartoon that is non-threatening and kawaii.
  • It encourages walking by giving you an incentive to discover and collect new Pokémon and balls to catch them—and it requires you to walk certain distances (link is external) to hatch “eggs” that you collect.
  • You’ll notice things around you that you didn’t before.
  • The blending of reality and fantasy can spark your creativity and childhood imagination.


  • Playing the game can lead to injury.
  • People are playing the game in inappropriate places.
  • Criminals are targeting distracted users, leaving players susceptible to crime.
  • It gets you outside, but you’re still on your phone.
  • Playing the app makes you more distracted.
  • The game puts you in a heightened “stressed” state.
  • The game could cause you to spend more time on your phone and make you less social.
  • The game could exacerbate symptoms for people who have difficulty separating reality and fantasy.

Now that you know the potential benefits and risks associated with playing Pokémon GO, you can decide if it’s the right game for your family.

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