Gameroom is a platform game designed by Facebook from which the user will have access to several video game mostly brought from the platform mobile for PC for Windows , similar to other platforms already known as Steam from Valve , for example, in Gameroom the user accesses a list of titles and selects the one that you want to play. Get Facebook Gameroom customer service online.

Gameroom integrates into the PC games available on the social network , those imported from the mobile phone and others developed exclusively for the platform, these are mostly so-called “casual games”, as those titles with simple rules are called and they require little commitment from the players.

The platform is open for developers to create games on it. In fact, Facebook has established a revenue system shared with them in the style of mobile app stores such as Apple Store or Google Play .

Gameroom let users play web, ported mobile and native Gameroom games in a dedicated PC app free from the distractions of the News Feed.

The new Facebook Gameroom features variety of games from its existing web-based games and dedicated native games, this push of Facebook serves as a competition to other gaming platform like Steam, Origin and uPlay, although Facebook focus on different environment of gaming.

How to Download and Play Facebook Gameroom Games

Step 1: Login to your Facebook account on the web. Confirm that your computer is running from Windows 7 and above

Step 2: Go to your Windows store or Google a download link to the software and install Facebook game room.

Step 3: Launch the program. Facebook Gameroom doesn’t hang because the app is light so you have no worries. Confirm you have an internet connection that is stable and all the games you ever played on Facebook will be displayed on your app with your present levels and rewards. Need Facebook Gameroom customer service call us.

Facebook Gameroom doesn’t have a phone number. Like a growing number of companies with free web-based services, you have to search forums and support sites for help. But you can get an instant customer support by calling us customer service phone number USA + Canada + 44-HereToHelpX Toll Free. We give Facebook Gameroom customer service online.


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