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Clash of Clans Technical Support:

Need technical support for Clash of Clans? Clash of Clans is a freeware mobile game published and launched by Supercell at Google Play Store and iOS platform. Clash of Clans is a full on addictive game all about to protect a village by army. In this game player build a town and village by attacking on other players. The main theme of the game is just to protect and build village and earn coins.

Despite of addictive features and addictive gameplay, the game needs technical support sometimes. If you need Clash of Clans technical support then KaranRawat. is the perfect destination for you. The company provides four types of support services for Players, community forums, contact Clash of Clans technical support to solve their tech issues.

Clash of Clans issues people ask from our customer support team

  • I’m Stuck on loading screen
  • The new clan game feature is not working for my COC account.
  • Unable to login my Clash of Clans account
  • I am not able to login my account at another device
  • Updates of game are not applicable on my account
  • Unable to understand Parents Guide

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  • Fun and easy to play with only minimal interaction (collecting elixir/gold and upgrading structures) required, if you haven’t got a lot of time. With time constraints being a large issue for many prospective gamers, this can be a real benefit.
  • If time is no issue you have essentially infinite gameplay, which Is highly tactical both single player and online.
  • Overall a game which will yield benefit no matter how little/much time you have to give.


  • Can be quite expensive if you’re impatient for things to build/troops to train/spells to brew.
  • Has the propensity to be addictive?? Draining battery/data? Really grasping at straws here.
  • Honestly can’t think of any more! I fail to see the harm that checking an app for as little as a few minutes a day (if that’s all you can manage) can do whatsoever.


  • Clan War Opting. Those who don’t want to be in war don’t have to get kicked. They also don’t have to waste elixir for those who are farming for elixir.
  • Clan Perks. Some people like to donate, donate, donate. They want to get more experience faster. We love loot, right? Refunds on elixir as well.
  • Gameplay Balancing. I stopped using healers because they kept dying from Air Bombs and Seeking Air Mines. Now healers only die from Air Defenses! Cannons level 13 also balance the world out. More things to upgrade. Also, I tend to think of Cannons and Archer Towers are forever equal :
  • Clan Improvments. Clan XP really helps with life. Perks and new custom clan badges. Clan badges can show your style!


  • Gameplay Balancing. Clan War Troop Deployment isn’t prevented any more by hitting obstacles. Wherever you poke, ‘Oops, I didn’t mean to do that.’
  • Clan Improvements. Clan XP and Perks are basically forcing you to war and waste elixir if you want those perks and levels.

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