Chromebook is a laptop or tablet running the Linux-based Chrome OS as its operating system. The devices are primarily used to perform a variety of tasks using the Google Chrome browser, with most applications and data residing in the cloud rather than on the machine itself. All Chromebooks released since late 2017 can also run Android apps. Some Chromebooks can run Linux apps. Wikipedia

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Hello, Readers, we’ll list the pros and cons of these devices, and hopefully, help you decide whether or not a Chromebook is the right device for you. Meanwhile For Cheapest Chromebook visit:

Pros Of Chromebook:

1. Uses Google ecosystem: Chromebook runs on Google OS with a wide range of free applications to use. Opening the apps through the Chromebook provides a great user experience compared to when accessing them via other platforms.

2. Battery life: Compared to other laptops, Chromebook has an exceptional battery life which can serve you to a maximum of 9 hours.

3. Cost: Chromebook laptops are much cheaper compared to other types of laptops.

4. Android apps: You can install your favorite Android apps on your laptop. This allows you to download the apps in Chrome store and Google play store in one device.

5. On-screen touch-screen keyboard: The on-screen keyboard can recognize your writing and scribbles giving you choices on the text input.

6. Durability: Chromebooks are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, falls, scratches, and other minor disasters.

7. Speed: Chromebook is faster in running of apps. The OS is efficient and fast compared to other OS which experiences lag when you run apps with high specifications.

8. Security features: Some laptops have inbuilt trusted platform module which acts as a security chip to manage and protect passwords and malicious viruses.

9. Portability: Chromebook laptops are made of lightweight material making them more combat and easy to carry around.

10. Parental control: Chromebook laptops help you create a supervised account which enables you to track and limit what your children do online.


Cons Of Chromebook:

1. Offline use: Chrome relies heavily on the internet thus, many apps will not be able to work offline. There are other Android apps being designed which can work offline.

2. Games: There are a few games you can play from the Chromebook device compared to a wide selection of games which can be played in windows platform.

3. Graphics: The Chromebook laptops have limited graphics processing power, therefore you can install games more graphics demanding titles.

4. Keyboard issues: Chromebook comes with a new set of keyboard shortcuts which may take you some time to get used to them especially when used to windows shortcut keys. It also has a dedicated search key instead of caps lock key.

5. No external DVD drive: If you love watching movies you have to watch them online through Netflix or Google play movie streaming since it doesn’t support watch movie from an external DVD drive.

6. Office product: It doesn’t allow you to install the Microsoft office product. The platform only allows you to use similar Google Office-like services. The services lack some functionality features found in Microsoft office product.

7. No Photoshop: You can’t use Photoshop or any other Adobe desktop software in a Chromebook laptop. If you need to use Photoshop, you have to look for a similar online application.

8. Limited storage: The laptop can support up to 32GB of local storage making them cheaper. It also offers free 100GB of data in the cloud.

9. Printing: Chromebook laptops require you to use Google Cloud Print to print any document from your machine. This may take some time to set up.

10. Compatibility: There are few apps which are compatible with the Chromebook, unlike windows which are compatible with a wide number of applications.


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