Candy Crush Saga is a free-to-play match-three puzzle video game released by King on April 12, 2012, for Facebook; other versions for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows 10 followed. It is a variation of their browser game Candy Crush. Wikipedia
Candy Crush Saga is a massively successful, casual puzzle-like game that has spawned two spin-off games and countless copycats. The game itself is incredibly simple, making it a staple time-waster on many people’s iPhones and iPads. You score points by crushing candies, which is to say, lining up at least three in a row of the same type of candy. The more candy you crush, the higher your score will go.

For a game to be successful, it requires a great customer support team, capable of answering all user questions and requests in a timely manner. While the support area on Candy Crush Saga Community is great & the team is very responsive and capable of offering professional aid to users in need.

Unfortunately, there is no way to directly Contact Candy Crush Saga. You can’t call, text, email, or otherwise speak to an employee or affiliate of given company. You can, however, use Help Center to diagnose and report a problem with your account. Get Help With;

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Candy Crush Saga Pros:

  • Free to play — Candy Crush Saga costs no money to download and install, and most of the game can be played while avoiding in-app purchases.
  • Varying elements demand differing strategies — Though the gameplay of Candy Crush Saga is rather simple, its constantly-evolving mechanics create increasingly complex challenges.  Time and move limits, obstacles that block off parts of the game board, and secondary objectives to fulfill add up to a game that pushes your brain to the limit and seldom gets boring!
  • Boosters are here to help — As you play, you can unlock, earn, and buy special game pieces and functions that will help you complete the game’s levels more easily.  If you’re stuck on a particularly difficult level, try using one of these “boosters”.  It may just give you the edge that you need to move forward!
  • A saga of epic proportions — Candy Crush Saga currently has over 2500 levels, and is constantly adding more, so there’s almost always a new challenge waiting around the corner for you!


Candy Crush Saga Cons:

  • You only live five times — Each time you fail a level’s objective(s) in Candy Crush Saga, you lose a life.  You can only have five lives at a time (unless you find a booster that gives you infinite lives for a certain amount of time), and once they’re gone, you can no longer play the game.  You must either wait for your lives to replenish (at a rate of one every 30 minutes), or contact your friends on Facebook through the game and ask them to give you extra lives.
  • Tickets, please — After you complete the first three sets of levels, you need a set of 3 tickets to unlock each proceeding set of levels.  To get them, you must send requests to your friends on Facebook through the game, buy and spend gold bars, or complete a set of three “Mystery Quests”.  (“Mystery Quests” are levels from previous sets that have higher target scores, and can only be completed once every 24 hours.)

Candy Crush Saga Common Problems Users Face:

  • The game keeps freezing on my mobile device, what should I do?
  • If I try to re-install the game, will I lose my progress?
  • I have connected to Facebook, but I’m not getting any messages or help from friends on my mobile device. Why?
  • I have connected to Facebook, but my progress from Facebook does not show up on my mobile device. Why?
  • Do I need a Facebook account to play?
  • If I connect to Facebook, will you post things to my Facebook wall or spam my friends?
  • Candy Crush is not available for my mobile device. Why?
  • Important: If I upgrade the software on my device, will I lose my progress?
  • If I log out of my Facebook account and someone else logs in on my computer or device, will I lose all my game history?



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2 reviews for Candy Crush Saga

  1. Roxie’s Mom

    As you go up in levels they go much faster because the levels are more difficult. The wait times between the levels is ridiculous and another method of trying to get you to spend money. Unless the child has a bank account with unlimited funds they should not play it. I agree that there are glitches and after 3,898 levels I can say you actually see them happening, I also agree with the person who said there should be more opportunities to get “helpers” and that it is not uncommon for your purchases to just disappear.

  2. Dominick Hollis

    Very horrible experience! I recently noticed, they are cheating you in several way. Just check yourself carefully while playing this game. I will never buy their packages if they cheating players this way. I will give this game ZERO stars if I could.

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