Amazon Drive

Amazon Drive , Amazon Drive, formerly known as Cloud Drive, is a cloud storage application managed by Amazon. Using an Amazon account, the files and folders can be transferred and managed from multiple devices including web browsers, desktop applications, mobiles, and tablets. Amazon Drive also lets their U.S. users order photo prints and photo books using the Amazon Prints service. Amazon Drive offers secure cloud storage for your photos, files, videos, and more. Back up your files to the cloud and know that all of your documents are safe. Once your files are uploaded, you can access them from your computer, your phone, or your tablet, all with the Amazon Drive app. All Amazon customers receive 5GB of free storage. Amazon Drive lets you free up space on your phone, tablet, and computer, by backing up all of your documents to one secure place.

Some Common Amazon Drive Support Issues:-

  • Uploading or Downloading Issues.
  • Amazon Drive sync error.
  • Connection issues with Amazon Cloud Drive.
  • Amazon uploads stuck.
  • Broken files on Amazon cloud drive.
  • Problem deleting files, they always come back in the root.
  • Getting “429 too many requests” errors.
  • Slow download speed on Amazon Cloud Drive.
  • Amazon Cloud Drive Bandwidth Limit.
  • No response to Amazon Drive SDK invite request.
  • 500 Internal Server Error.
  • Received HTTP 302 status code when downloading a large file.
  • File Upload Fails repeatedly at some point.
  • 408 REQUEST_TIMEOUT errors.

Amazon Drive doesn’t have a phone number. Like a growing number of companies with free web-based services, you have to search forums and support sites for help. But you can get an instant customer support by calling us at our customer service phone number USA . Visit us at Amazon Prime USA


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